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Purchase and Trade Policies

Have some pipes you'd like to trade in or sell?  Use the eMail submission form on the bottom of this page to send us a message and we'll be sure to get right back to you!


The Piperack purchases pipes and pipe collections large and small. Pipe brands we are most interested in include Dunhill, Sasieni, Barling's Make, Charatan, Upshall, Castello, Cavicchi, Radice, and Danish high-grades like Eltang, Knudsen, Bang, and Chonowitsch. PLEASE NOTE that we reserve the right to refuse any items for purchase consideration for any reason.

We purchase pipes for 35% to 60% of the price we expect to recover when we sell the pipe, based on the current condition of the pipe and other factors, such as market conditions, our dealer status for a particular brand and current inventory. Generally speaking, pipes that need replacement stems, full extensive restorations or pipes with lower resale value will be evaluated at a lower percentage rate, while pipes that are in pristine, well cared for condition and pipes that have a higher resale value will be evaluated at a higher percentage rate. Generally speaking, pipes like low-end Petersons, GBDs, Stanwells and lower grade Savinellis would be valued at 35%; pipes like most Comoys, mid-grade Petersons, Sasienis and Cavicchis will be valued between 40% and 50%; Dunhills, Pre-trans Barlings and mid-grade artisan makers will be valued at 55% while ultra-high-grade pipes like S. Bangs, Chonowitschs, Knudsens and Eltangs will be valued at 60%.  PLEASE NOTE these are rough guidelines and will vary based on condition, scarcity and other factors. Payments for purchased pipes will be in the form of a company check, which will be mailed within 10 business days.


Want to get more for your pipes?  Consider trading!  Our trade policy provides you with about 10% more value in the form of a trade credit that can be used on anything in the store. New trades are not accepted toward items on the "Latest Pipe Arrivals" page; however, existing trade credits can be applied toward anything on the website. PLEASE NOTE that we reserve the right to refuse any items for trade for any reason.

We trade pipes for 40% to 65% of the price we expect to recover when we sell the pipe, based on the factors listed above.  What this means is that if you send us a $1000 (retail) S. Bang, we would buy the pipe for $600, but if you wanted trade credit it would get you $650.  Note that these are rough guidelines and the actual trade credit will vary depending on a number of conditions; the point the remember is that trading will ALWAYS bring you more than selling outright.


If you have a large collection, The Piperack can consign your collection of pipes for you. You avoid the hassle, time and expense, and we handle the cleanup, photography, sale, eMails with the customers, and shipping. For those who don't want to deal with the technical details of selling on a website or through eBay, consignment sales are the way to go. PLEASE NOTE that we reserve the right to refuse any items for consignment for any reason.  Please click this link to see our Consignment Policies, or send us an eMail using the form below.

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